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After 8 years of research the "Reference Manual to Anatomical Projections in Handwriting" is finally available.

-What can you expect from this book?

The human body from head to toes to fingers and even the organs are projected in your writing. These projections, when correctly evaluated, can be a powerful diagnostical tool. They can show many different physical conditions, a broken pinky finger, a pelvic obliquity, rotation of the spine, risk of stroke, physical height of the writer and many other things.

-Who should read this book?

This book can be very beneficial for graphologists, therapists of all kind, law enforcement, teachers, parents and everyone who is interested in people, handwriting and diagnostics.

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It seems the preview to the book has caused a lot of confusion. Here we see the sheet of paper in the correct orientation. The blue lines are symbolising the writing and the following figure shows the anatomical projection that can be concluded from it.

1. We see 2 paragraphs of writing that are not straight at the left margin. This shows the feet not being on the same height which could indicate a pelvic obliquity among other things. The body is projected from the front view.

2. In the middle we see paragraphs with a straight left margin. The body is projected from the right side, looking down. This projection is walking down the page as we proceed writing.

3. The last paragraphs show descending line endings which indicate the head hanging down. (To hang ones head).

The working graphological principles and concepts for this projection are:

-Left margin showing our past, where we come from, where we have our roots. The roots of the body are the feet.

-Descending line endings are known to show the writer who is tired or depressed. This is the exact meaning of the corresponding body language we can see in the anatomical projection.


Another graphological concept working here is the Interpretation of the placement of the signature. A signature at the left side of the writing is known to have negative interpretations ranging from procastination to depression. When putting the signature on the left in relation to the anatomical projection, we see it is on the level of the feet. The self-image is down on the ground! The negative interpretation through the anatomical projection is the same as in classic graphology.


This picture however only just show 1 of 5 layers of anatomical projections in our writing.

Layer 1 can show the writing position in one single structure.

Layer 2 can show different body parts very precise and the corresponding part of the circulatory systen

Layer 3 can show the body in paragraphs and lines

Layer 4 shows the organs that are communicating a problem.

There is a 5th layer that is triggered by the meaning of the word.



Why is there a perfect, cursive lowercase h hidden in our circulatory system? What does this mean for Graphology and for Medicine? Read about this and other never before shown Anatomical Structures in your Handwriting