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Anatomical Projections




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After 8 years of research the "Reference Manual to Anatomical Projections in Handwriting" is finally available.

-What can you expect from this book?

The human body from head to toes to fingers and even the organs are projected in your writing. This projections, when correctly evaluated, can be a powerful diagnostical tool. They can show many different physical conditions, a broken pinky finger, a pelvic obliquity, rotation of the spine, risk of stroke, physical height of the writer and many other things.

-Who should read this book?

This book can be very beneficial for graphologists, therapists of all kind, law enforcement, teacher, parents and everyone who is interested in people, handwriting and diagnostics.

Price: 60€ + shipping.


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Ciprian Marius Ceteras


There are 4 different layers of Anatomical Projections in our writing. One goes over the whole page.


The left margin shows our past, where we are coming from, our origin, where we have our roots. The roots of our body are our feet.